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        Company Overview Corporate values Jianzhong memorabilia Marketing & Sales R & D Center
        About Jianzhong > Corporate values
        Our Values

        Spirtual Culture

        Mpack advocate struggle and hard work, sometimes hard. work cannot achieve the goal, but not struggle never have the result.

        Manager Culture

        Mpack believed management also is the service personal, committed to creating an open,
        transparent fair principles and environment.

        Ideology and culture

        More tolerant, Less blame, More investment, Less shirk More care, Less depend.

        Quality culture

        Follow the principle of safety, Mpack always put customer satisfaction as the first.

        Service Culture

        Mpack believed brings the service to you not well, is better. Service is an important link for customer.

        System Culture

        Mpack stick to perfect the management system, formulate implementation plans and keep advanced system.

        Resource culture

        Focus on staff’s life, skill training, and work environment.
        Mpack believed that the interests of the employee is the foundation of cohesion.

        Product culture

        Characteristics is prerequisite, Professional is leader, Innovation is the principle.
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