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        Product Service Technical Field
        User services > product service

        The sterile barrier system

        Medical packaging or sterile system, must be suitable for sterilization,
        prevent microbial invasion in storage period , can withstand a certain impact in deliver. Doctors can free take put in sterile environment. Choose a reliable protection packaging materials is very important, because product has a good microbial protection packaging can reduce the risk of infection.

        How to enhance the performance of medical apparatus Instruments and aseptic packaging.

        The definition of SMMMS Wrapping sheer.
        SMMMS called non woven fabric, composed of directional or random fiber, It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, SMMMS has no geographic, though make short fiber and filament directional or random regroup, then reinforce by mechanical,hot glue,chemical Methods and other ways.

        SMMMS structure

        Material     Polypropylene
        Production   Melt-blow + spun-bonded
        -process     High temperature fuse
        -spinneret-with steel
        -Heat the top ranking paper
        Out layers   Anti-tear(spun-bounded layers) S
        In layer     Microbial barrier(spray layer) M

        S (anti-tear) layers and M (Microbial barrier) layers How to work?

        SMMS                                                              SMMMS
        (Spun-bond > solute>solute>Spun-bond)            (Spun-bond > solute>solute>Spun-bond) 
        General market product structure                          Mpack product structure

        Brand Story Sterilization Protection Honor News Center Careers
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